Legazpi City has become become one of the prime tourist destinations in the Philippines.  Not only does this place boast of one of the wonders of the world, the beautiful Mayon Volcano, it is also home to colorful festivals, historic churches, world-class resorts and adventure tourism facilities.  It is definitely a worthwhile place to visit with your whole family.

Here is my list of family-friendly must-visit, must-eat, and must-do when visiting Legazpi City for two nights and 3 days.

MUST VISIT (Malls not included)

Mayon Volcano

Of course, Mayon Volcano should be at the top of any visitor’s list to Albay.   The perfect cone volcano is considered a sacred place in Bicol.   You may trek to the mountain or take the ATV ride.

 Entrance fee: (through the Cagsawa Ruins) P20; ATV ride is P300

Sidenote:  The best time to view the volcano is around 7am.

Tripadvisor Rating:  4.5 and #1 of 21 things to do in Legazpi


Cagsawa Ruins (Cagsawa National Museum)

The remnants of a 16-century Catholic church by the Franciscan order.  The original church was burned down and destroyed by Dutch pirates in 1636.  It was then rebuilt by a Catholic priest, but was again destroyed in 1814 when Mayon Volcano erupted.

Entrance fee:  P20

Opens at 6am and closes at 6pm.

Other activities to enjoy at the park:

  • ATV ride
  • Try their Sili Ice Cream

Tripadvisor Rating:  4 and #2 of 21 things to do in Legazpi


Lignon Hill Nature Park

Provides overlooking view of Legazpi City and the beautiful Mayon Volcano.

Entrance fee:  P20

Open 8am to 10pm

Other activities (additional charges may apply):

  • Zipline
  • Hiking
  • Rappelling
  • ATV ride
  • Biking
  • Paintball game
  • Explore the Japanese tunnel used during WW2

Tripadvisor Rating:  4 and #4 of 21 things to do in Legazpi

Ligñon_Hill_Nature_Park (1)


Albay Park & Wildlife

A picnic grove, nature park, and zoo that houses hundreds of animals.

Entrance fee:  P50

Opens at 6am, closes at 8pm.

Other activities to enjoy in the park:

  • Boat-riding
  • Biking
  • Fishing

Tripadvisor Rating:  3 and #10 of 21 things to do in Legazpi




Trek or take ATV to go to Mt. Mayon.


Join a festival/fiesta:

  • Bikol Arts Festival (February 21-28)
  • Magayon Festival (April)
  • Karangahan Festival (May)
  • Great Sibidan Festival (October 21-24)
  • Ibalong Festival (October 25-31)
  • Bicol Pastores (December 18)



1st Colonial Grill Restaurant (Villa Amada Hotel, Daraga City & Pacific Mall, Legazpi City)

Pasta Bicolana – pasta in olive oil base with Guinobatan longganisa.

Sili Ice Cream

Tinutong Rice Ice Cream

Pili Ice Cream

Smalltalk Cafe (Dona Aurora St., Legazpi City)

Laing Pizza

Pili Basil Pasta

Ten’s Salad – salad made with sigarilyas (purupagulong in Bicolano), tomatoes, onions and vinaigrette.

Pasta Mayon – ravioli filled with laing and based with tuna sauce.

Sibid-Sibid Food Park (Penaranda St., Bonot, Legazpi City)

Canoos Negro – squid with ink cooked in coconut milk and chilli.

Sibid Express – sailfish or tuna cooked ala Bicol Express.

Pinakong Hanit – alimango (mud-crab) cooked in coconut milk and a local fern.

Bicol Blends Cafe (Villa Amada, Daraga City)

Pili Shake

Sili Shake

Pili Bread

Tinutong Shake

Sushi Laing – bread filled with laing and served with its own dipping sauce.

Frozen Kapeng Mainit – blended coffee with frozen sili ice cream.

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