A Confession – Why I created Pinoy Positivity

May ipagtatapat ako sa inyo.

I created Pinoy Positivity more for myself than for anyone else. It is because I need to rise above my negative thought patterns. After all, I know that they can sabotage my life and my relationships.

I do not believe that we need to stay 100% positive at all times. I don’t know if any human being can do that. I also think that too much positivity can be toxic, or at the very least, make us too naive and shallow. It can also be a form of escapism, not wanting to deal with problems all around us.

But I believe that the mind is powerful. It is mighty powerful that it can either take us down the path of construction or destruction. How we think and what we think affects not only ourselves but also those around us.

Many times I have experienced the effect of my negative thinking on a person or situation. When I think negatively about a certain individual, even if I don’t speak of it out loud or show it outwardly, it affects the person and our relationship. It affects the person in a way that they can’t understand. It is like I’m messing up someone’s head without them knowing what’s happening.

When my emotions are particularly dark and heavy, it affects the things around me. Mirrors or glasses may break. Appliances may stop functioning, or light bulbs can go off.

On the bright side, I have also experienced the effect of positive thinking in my life. Landing a dream job. Finding the right person for me. Earning a salary that I desired (even more than I expected). Traveling the world. I believe all these were the results of cultivating positive thinking through visualization or, what they call, the law of attraction.

When I began to see those patterns, I chose to take the side of positivity rather than negativity.

As human beings living in a ‘negative’ world, I think we are more inclined towards negative thinking. It’s like the pull of gravity. It doesn’t take much effort to think negatively, although it drains more of our energy, hope, faith, and life.

Now to remain positive requires conscious choice and conscious effort. It’s a bit like learning how to fly. You have the wings, but you don’t know how to use them. In the beginning, they are not strong enough to lift you to the air. But as you try and try and try, they become strong to carry you up.

So, yeah, I choose positivity even though some people may say it’s childish. I find nothing wrong with trying to bring back that sense of potentiality, of that age when you thought that nothing is impossible.

This blog is but my effort to remain on that level because it helps me get through those times when outside forces want to bring me down.

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