When it’s time to let go, don’t doubt or hesitate.  Goodbye to Good is, Hello to GREAT!

After 17 years working for this company, I am finally saying goodbye to this 9-6 job to embark on a new journey on my own. Though I loved this company that has given me so much, it is time to move on. I haven’t grown for the past five years and my soul is yearning for so much more. I wanted to stay, believe me. I wanted to just hang on for seven more years so I could enjoy its full retirement package, but, alas, my heart is no longer in it. I can’t trade my heart for money.

But what exactly is my soul yearning for?





I’m old enough not to settle for anything less. Yes, financial stability is still an important factor, but it is not everything.

I want freedom to pursue my own path. I want to create my own product, my own content and to feel the joy of my own creation. To achieve that sense of fulfilment of having to contribute to other people’s lives.

This is truly a bittersweet moment for me because I loved the job, but I have to let go of it. I am excited about what lies ahead, excited that I would be able to spend my time with my children. But I confess that I’m also anxious if I would be as successful. You see, I have been what you might consider a successful employee for a very long time, and so I haven’t really developed business-acumen skills. What I need to do is to take the self-discipline I’ve developed over the years and apply that to this new adventure with the hope that I would also be able to acquire the skills necessary to be successful in this new endeavour.





As I close this door, I have to find new open windows. I need a new vision and a new set of goals. I have to change my daily habits as my old habits are for my old job, my old life. I have to plan my new life while keeping my eyes open for unexpected surprises along the way. I love surprises especially those presented by God/Universe himself. If I look back on my life, it is the unexpected twists and turns that have been most rewarding. And I learned that we cannot have 100% control of our lives; that indeed only God is in full control all the time. So, while I am making plans and whatnot, I am also surrendering to God’s plans for me.

Right now, all I could share with you is what I have planned for my new daily routine, which I hope to turn into habit. I researched the web to look at the daily habits of successful people and picked those I think will work for me or those that I want to develop with myself. This routine might change yet as I adjust to my new life.


  1. Wake up at 6:30am.
  2. Daily meditation and prayer in the morning. My goal is to meditate for 30 minutes.
  3. Breakfast is between 7:30-8:30am.
  4. Healthy eating. This is very important not only for myself but for my kids’ wellbeing as well. As a fulltime employee, I hardly had time to plan and prepare my family’s meals. I left most of the meal-planning and preparation to our kasambahay. And then on weekends when she is on day-off, my family and I would often eat out. Obviously, we haven’t been eating very healthy. I had my gallbladder removed just recently because of an enlarged gallstone and this really woke me up. That’s why I am excited to reclaim the kitchen once again so we all could develop healthy eating habits.
  5. By 8:30am, I should be sitting in front of my computer to work on my online business . With or without an idea to work on, I need to sit in front of my computer every morning so my mind will start rolling. My mind is not accustomed to staring at a blank white page. Immediately, my brain would start to think of something to fill up a blank page and I have to take advantage of this tendency.  
  6. I will keep my journal/notebook with me while I work so I can jot down all my ideas and thoughts.
  7. 11:30pm is meal preparation, followed by lunch break until 1:30pm.
  8. Back to work at 1:30pm.
  9. Working ‘til 4:30pm, followed by a 30-minute break.
  10. Evening meal preparation is 5pm-7pm.
  11. Yoga or aerobics at 7pm before dinner.
  12. Dinner at 8pm.
  13. Reading time at 9:30pm
  14. Journal-writing before bedtime.
  15. Visualization and affirmations before bedtime.
  16. Wednesdays are for trainings, research and running errands.
  17. TV/movie time and other recreations during weekends only.

Now that I have written my new structure down, I feel much more excited and happy about the future. My goal is not just to achieve the same level of financial success at the very least, but, more importantly, to make way for healthy living for me and my family as well as to attend to my spiritual development and growth.