Jumpstart your visualization through action

We live in the world of action and so taking action is just as important as training your mind and visualizing your goals and desires.

You cannot just sit around and imagine things.  All of your ideals, desires, goals need to be grounded in the material world and the way to ground them is to take action.

On the other hand, you cannot just go on doing something without having any goal or ideal.  That would be like rowing your boat without knowing your destination.

When you row your boat, you should know where you’re headed.  Your mind should stay focused on your destination.  You should have a map so that you won’t get lost.  Your visions and goals are like that.  Your vision board functions like a map.

One of the most important action you could take is, in my opinion, EDUCATION.  Educate yourself.  Invest time in yourself.

What I mean by education is not necessarily having some college degree.   That’s not what I mean at all.  It has been proven that a college degree does not guarantee success.  It has been proven that having no college degree does not guarantee failure.

(Having said that, I would still encourage anyone to get a degree especially if they can afford it or if their parents/sponsors are willing to support their education.)

Mark Zuckerberg was a college dropout.  Bill Gates was a college dropout.  There are many other millionaires and billionaires like them.

Although they are college dropouts, do you think they are uneducated?  Do you think they did not spend time acquiring knowledge and honing their skills related to their fields?  Do you think they did not spend a single dime or centavo or a single minute training themselves, whether formally or informally?  I believe nobody will call them uneducated because we all understand the amount of knowledge, skills, values and vision they placed on their work.

This is what I mean by education.  It’s not about going to college.  It’s about having a vision, a goal.  It’s about learning what you can in your chosen field.  It’s about making decisions, taking steps, and learning from those choices and action.  If you succeed, well and good and repeat.  If you fail, get up, dust yourself, and try again with a different strategy.

Look for a mentor, a coach if you must.  Go to school if you must.  Get a degree if you must.  Do it yourself if you must.  Whichever, but you definitely will have to invest time, money and lots of energy.  There’s no other way around it.  There’s no such thing as zero investment (action) in your way to success.